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Keith Thrailkill

Keith Thrailkill

Keith Thrailkill, age 52, topped our list of local runners at the Tom King Classic, running an 8:14 pace for the 13.1 miles on March 9, 2013.  Stephanie Riley placed 4th in her 15-19 age group.  In the accompanying 5k, Charity and Bradd Kimes place 4th and 5th respectively in their age groups.

The race takes place at LP Field in Nashville and it is a very flat course along Shelby Bottoms.  Runners enjoyed a warm and sunny spring morning.  There were 1335 and 539 in the Half and 5k respectively.  Result details are HALF and 5K.

KEITH THRAILKILL 52 15 215 1:47:39 8:14
KRISTEN DAUGHERTY 27 25 130 1:53:08 8:39
STEPHANIE RILEY 19 4 216 1:59:26 9:07
ZEKE WHITESIDE 15 8 373 1:59:42 9:09
BRITTANY MEALER 26 56 276 2:03:59 9:28
SHANNON LAMBERT 35 63 291 2:04:54 9:33
LORI MIZER 41 44 292 2:04:55 9:33
BARBARA MITCHELL 44 50 310 2:06:32 9:40
SARAH LAMB 35 85 402 2:13:30 10:12
RANDELL BRADFORD 26 57 494 2:15:47 10:22
JENNIFER FLEMING 38 89 420 2:16:02 10:23
JANET KING 46 50 426 2:16:30 10:26
AMANDA SMITH 22 24 477 2:21:29 10:49
JEFF WHITESIDE 51 44 533 2:24:09 11:01
JEFF WEIDENBENNER 50 45 541 2:25:29 11:07
WESLEY BRYANT 35 87 559 2:30:25 11:29
BILL RILIEY 55 7 68 24:40 7:58
CHARITY KIMES 40 4 21 24:51 8:01
BRADD KIMES 42 5 71 25:02 8:05
JIM HUTCHENS 59 9 113 27:01 8:43

Bradd and Charity Kimes

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Rick Harmon and Mckinley Owen win championship race at Montgomery Bell

Mckenly Owen topped the Junior 15-18 points competition for mountain biking in Tennessee for the 2012 season.  He did this by winning four races and time trials and placing second in four others.  His first place finish in the final championship race at Montgomery Bell on August 12 also earned him the title of State Champion.

Owen topped his main rival, Dylan Vance of Memphis, by 11 points in the points race, and by over five minutes in the championship race.  Owen is a member of the Columbia Cycling Club and is sponsored by MOAB.  Full Results

Event Place Points
Concord Park Challenge XC 1st 25
White Lightning XC 1st 23
Legend of Stanky Creek TT 2nd 12
Legend of Stanky Creek XC 2nd 20
SERC #8 Knoxville 1st 27
MOAB Mousetail Challenge TT 2nd 11
MOAB Mousetail Challenge XC 2nd 22
Montgomery Bell Classic TT 1st 10
Montgomery Bell Classic XC 1st 43
  TOTAL 193

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The Chickasaw Trace Classic has been a mainstay of the American Mountain Bike Championships and the Tennessee Bike Racing Association (www.tbra.org) calendar for almost two decades. So, why doesn’t anyone know about it?

“These type races have been promoted for so long by passionate people that love the sport. However, promoters can only do so much in their spare time and without proper resources,” explained Jonathan Woody of Harpeth Bicycles.

For the 17th anniversary, race promoter Duane Leach, Director of the Columbia Cycling Club, has partnered with Harpeth Bicycles of Cool Springs to help raise awareness of the spring event and Chickasaw Trace Park. The Columbia Cycling Club has been instrumental through a network of dirt shredding volunteers for hosting the one day event and maintaining the trails for over a decade. The race brings in Male and Female beginner, intermediate, expert and a few pro-level racers from local cities as well as surrounding states. The race will be held at Chickasaw Trace Park on New Highway 7 just outside of Columbia. Advanced racers will start at 9:00 am and beginners will race at 12:30 pm with a free kid’s race at noon. Beginner class is one lap.

Harpeth Bicycles Race Team sponsors have rallied to raise awareness. Whole Foods, Lightning 100, Yazoo Brew, and Industrial Strength Marketing all share in Harpeth Bicycles core mission connecting the joy of bicycling to healthier and happier people.

Living an active lifestyle, eating well, while having fun makes a positive impact. It’s a simple formula for happiness. Most people, who try biking for health or sport, love it,” explained Woody. “This kind of event really appeals to the adventurous, outdoorsy, Muddy Buddy or Warrior Dash type guy and gal.”

“High-school or College students who do well at track or high aerobic type sports tend to do very well at cycling and the football, basketball, rugby athletes get big gains from the intense cross training” explained Francis Fessler, Fitness Director at Harpeth Bicycles. “Professional trainer and expert level racer. There are probably a few undiscovered Lance Armstrong’s out there now that just need a chance to be discovered. You got to show up to get sponsored.”

Race Director Duane Leach has this to say about the new partnership with Harpeth Bicycles: “We are really excited to have the financial and promotional support from Harpeth Bicycles and their team sponsors. This kind of contribution to us and the community will truly make this year an epic event for all to experience the fun”.

Whole Foods is providing a healthy and hearty lunch for the first 200 calorie registered riders. There will also be a free custom frame awarded to one lucky rider hand-built by a true Tennessee artisan Richie Moore of Cysco Cycles. In addition there is over $5,000 in prizes from companies like Oakley, North Face, Swiftwick, ProLink, Lyzine, Sport Beans, Hammer to name a few. Duane believes “Harpeth is truly interested in making this event attractive to veteran and every day riders alike.”

The mountain bike trails at Chickasaw Trace Park offer some of the best off-road cycling in Middle Tennessee and are conveniently located within a short drive of Nashville. More than nine miles of trails offer riders a combination of fast curves, challenging climbs, and scenic views of the nearby Duck River. The Chickasaw Trace County Park has a historic log cabin and two open-air shelters available for gatherings. There is a radio control flight field for model airplanes, a radio control track for model cars, and a boat ramp for the Duck River.

If you’ve never experienced Mountain Bike Racing or need to dust of your old two wheeled steed join us on March 25th for a family friendly event. For more details about the event and registration, please visit http://www.HarpethBikes.com/chickasaw.

# # #

Harpeth Bicycles believes a neighborhood bike shop should be a kind place for all. Harpeth is focused on a three part vision: A future where ALL humans and cyclists are created equal, communities filled with active people of all ages embracing the bicycle as a tool for living a happier life and government and civil society working together to create a sustainable future dedicated to life, liberty and the pursuit of biking. Harpeth is located at 330 Mayfield Dr. Franklin, TN. Their friendly staff can be reached Monday-Friday, 11am-7pm and Saturday 10am-6pm. For more information, please call 615-567-6612 or visit www.HarpethBikes.com.

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Goruck Challenge

Patrick Carter, Ashley Miller and Shane Wilson participated in the Goruck Challenge in Nashville on March 3, 2012.  This is an event that simulates Special Forces training for an advertised 8-10 hours, but this group went over 12 hours.  A class of 29 men and Ashley, the lone female, each carried a Goruck brand backpack with 35 pounds and were instructed to do various things by a real Green Beret instructor.  They ran up hills, carried 100 pound suitcases, carried a utility pole as a team, huge chains, went through a stream, had to have their heads under water for 30 seconds in said stream, and running–lots of running.  It added up to 22 total miles.  Two dropped out; one had to be carried pretty much on the final run, but Patrick, Shane and even Ashley made it to the end.

Patrick Carter said it was the hardest thing he has ever done.  “It made Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon  look like child’s play.”

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Rocket City Marathon

We had an impressive group who ran very well at the Rocket City Marathon in Huntsville Alabama on December 10 (2011).  For ultra distance runner, Zane Smith, this marathon was a short event.  He topped the list with a 3:41:04 running the first half at an 8:03 pace and the latter half at 8:49.  Gale Moore placed the best with a 9th place in the 50-54 female grouping.

Gale Moore and Chris Brown stuck together for the entirety.  Tina Seago accompanied them for a significant portion but dropped out at mile 18 with a leg injury.  Melissa Meador, Amanda Farmer and Cindy Davis spent several miles together.  Meador and Farmer PR’d this marathon by 54 minutes and 65 minutes respectively.  It was Cindy Davis’ first-ever marathon and she fought leg cramps during the last six miles.  Natalie Counts PR’d a half marathon just one week prior to this race and still ran well at this marathon.  Full Results

Name Age AgePl Oall Time Pace
Zane Smith 38 27 244 3:41:04 8:25
Chris Brown 40 76 416 3:57:44 9:04
Gale Moore 52 9 417 3:57:45 9:04
Melissa Meador 40 13 516 4:07:24 9:26
Chris Hamm 32 47 524 4:08:26 9:28
Amanda Farmer 30 18 546 4:10:13 9:32
Allison Hill 37 21 602 4:15:40 9:45
Natalie Counts 36 22 622 4:17:56 9:50
Rose Rainey 48 16 635 4:19:49 9:54
Cindy Davis 33 45 744 4:29:13 10:16

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JB11 Splits

JB11 Results Overall


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Tommy Nettleton achieved the first overall master award (participants 40 years and older) at the 2011 Mach Tenn Triathlon in Tullahoma on June 4.  Nettleton’s run split was the fourth fastest overall.  Robert Boehm claimed the first place prize for the Clydedales 40+ category (weighing 200 pounds and over and whose age is 40 years and over).  Jeff Yeager placed 4th in his age group and produced the fourth fastest bike split overall.  This may be the first time that Jeff Yeager has beat Robert Boehm.  Duane Leach placed 5th in his newly aquired 50-54 age group and was able to take home a ceramic bowl award this year.  Since his time would have placed him 18th in the prior age group, turning 50 may be considered a good thing for racing purposes.

We said goodbye to Tommy Nettleton at this race.  Job changes and a quick response to selling his home caused him to move to Nashville on very short notice.  I am going to miss him.  He is a good guy, good friend and great triathlete.

The distances for the event were Swim .6-mi/Bike 16.2-mi/Run 4-mi.  Full results

Name Age Plc/Ttl O’All/Ttl Time Swim Bike Run
Tommy Nettleton 50 1st O’all 6/373 1:24:51 15:03 43:28 24:38
Master 22.4mph 6:09/mi
Jeff Yeager 45 4/33 27/373 1:29:35 18:21 40:45 28:36
45-49 23.9mph 7:09/mi
Robert Boehm 51 1/18 65/373 1:34:53 17:08 44:45 30:50
Clyde40+ 21.7mph 7:42/mi
Duane Leach 50 5/27 110/373 1:40:27 17:55 46:11 33:29
50-54 20.9mph 8:22/mi
Christine Schmalzer 42 7/13 288/373 2:02:43 17:20 57:50 44:51
40-44 16.8mph 11:12/mi

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