First wave startFor the second year in a row, teammates Jeff Yeager and Shaun Corbin of Columbia prevailed as the fastest individuals and the fastest team at the Jailbreak Triathlon on September 27, 2014. After the 3.5-mile canoe, the pair was the second canoe to arrive back at the Chickasaw Trace Park. They quickly took over the lead in the first two miles of the bike.
Corbin progressed a minute ahead of Yeager by the end of the 8-mile mountain bike. However Yeager caught Corbin midway of the 2.5-mile run portion. Yeager held the lead earning the Fastest Individual Male award with a time of 1:35:36. Corbin’s time was 1:37:01, and their combined time of 3:12:57 resulted in a first place trophy in the Male Team division.

The race brought 136 competitors from Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, New Hampshire, and one team from Australia. Seventy-four competed as a two-person team where both complete the entire race and the finish times are combined for awards. Sixty-two competed as two-person relays who share the canoe, and then one teammate bikes and the other runs after the biker returns.
This was the 14th year for the Columbia Cycling Club to conduct the race. Gale Moore, Ben Shapiro and Duane Leach co-direct the race. The canoes were provided by River Rat, Yanahli, and River Gremlin that operate canoe businesses on the Duck River in the Columbia area. Canoe handling assistance came from the JROTC club of Independence High School and seven trustees from the Maury County Jail.

The race was supported by the sponsorship of Maury Regional Medical Center, KFC, First Farmers and Merchants Bank, Haulers Insurance, Moe’s Southwest Grill, Dr. James Wiesman, Dr. Shaun Corbin, Campbell Sowell D.D.S., Sonic, Maury County Convention & Visitors Bureau, and Maury County Parks and Recreation.

Richard Ferguson getting air off ramp during JailbreakOther local racers who received trophies for their finishers were Emily and Richard Ferguson of Columbia. They finished 2nd in the co-ed team division with Richard finishing in 1:59:43 and Emily with a time of 2:12:53 for a combined time of 4:12:36.

Cody Goodman and Eric Schroeder of Columbia placed 4th in the male team category. Cody’s time was 1:50:06 and Eric’s was 1:42:44 for a combined time of 3:32:50.

Nicole Butler of Columbia and Amanda Garrett of Franklin placed 3rd in the female team category. Nicole’s time was 3:11:27 and Amanda was 2:11:18 for a combined time of 5:22:45.

Gale Moore of Columbia and Jeff Estes of Santa Fe earned a 3rd place trophy in the co-ed relay division with a time of 1:49:03.

Russ Adcox of Columbia and Justin Boren of Lewisburg placed 3rd in the male relay division with a time of 1:49:47.

Jeff Yeager after finish of canoe portion Shaun Corbin after finish of canoe portion


Waugh, Smith, Robinette, Peek, Leach, Barnett at Wet Dog Tri 2014

Waugh, Smith, Robinette, Peek, Leach, Barnett at Wet Dog Tri 2014

Rain was abundant at the start of the 15th Annual Wet Dog Triathlon on July 19, 2014, in Decatur, Alabama.  There were over 100 pre-registered who chose not to start. For the remaining 416 who raced, the rain made them cold as they waited in line for their individual start of the 400 meter swim.  The rain stopped somewhere during the 9.3-mile bike or the 3.1-mile run and made for a pleasant finish and post race.

There have been rumors that good friends Stephanie Robinette and Tomi Smith have “retired” from triathlons.  So it was a surprise to see them wonder onto the beach.  Stephanie claimed to have only swam 500 yards all season.  Whatever she is doing, she still has talent enough to place 2nd Masters (ages 45 and older in this race).

Duane Leach 1st in 50-54 age group

Duane Leach 1st in 50-54 age group

Jamie Barnett showed significant speed after the swim and placed 4th in his very competitive age group and 18th overall.  Duane Leach reports that his 1st place in age finish is his highest placement in a big race. Full Results

Name Age AgePl O’all Finish Swim Bike MPH Run Pace
Jamie Barnett 41 4 18 55:25 10:07 23:57 23.3 19:12 6:11
Duane Leach 53 1 28 56:20 7:56 24:31 22.8 22:05 7:07
Mike Waugh 45 4 43 57:43 7:08 25:11 22.2 23:45 7:39
Stephanie Robinette 45 2 107 1:03:52 8:57 25:33 21.8 25:11 8:07
Miki Peek 46 4 151 1:08:11 9:35 27:36 20.2 27:14 8:46
Tomi Smith 50 5 314 1:20:57 11:21 28:22 19.7 37:02 11:56
Kevin Mobley 50 17 328 1:23:09 13:57 31:12 17.9 32:36 10:30


The prize for all who placed

The prize for all who placed

This year’s Monster Triathlon went through some upheaval in the weeks preceding the event. The sponsoring group, the Deanna Glossup Foundation, dropped the triathlon in favor of the Warrior Dash event that will be conducted at the nearby Milky Way Farm in October. Directors Scott Landis and John Hunt initially canceled the race, but then revived it with new support. There were 120 racers versus last year’s 180, but the race went very well. And elite racer, Bruce Gennari, came to lead the way.

Former Columbia resident, Tommy Nettleton, finished less than two minutes behind Gennari and placed 3rd overall. Jeff Yeager was just over a minute behind Nettleton placing 5th overall (and 2nd Masters).

Bryan King

Bryan King

This race marked a significant milestone for Bryan King. Soon after this race in 2012, Bryan was bicycling on Mooresville Pike and was struck by a car doing 50 mph (no brake skid marks). He was lucky to have survived.  It has taken Bryan nearly two years of surgeries and healing from his massive injuries. His return to this race is his victory of overcoming the injuries and Bryan was all smiles holding both arms up at every picture taking.

This triathlon has a short pool swim of 200 yards, a hilly 16-mile bike and tame 2.9-mile run. It attracts many first-time triathletes like Chris Hamm of Culleoka and Jon-Micah Clanton of Columbia. Full results

Jannie's water bags

Jannie’s water bags

Racers were treated to a new product handed out on the run course by the inventor himself, Jannie van Deventor. It was water in a sealed bag that we would bite to make a hole for dispensing.  Many of us know Jannie as the tough spin instructor at the Wellness and Aquatics Complex

FirstName LastName Age AgePl SexPl Swim Bike MPH Run Pace Finish
Jeff Yeager 48 2 5 3:39 44:23 22.8 19:20 6:40 1:09:25
Jamie Barnett 41 1 15 4:38 49:51 20.3 17:42 6:07 1:14:49
Chris Webb 33 2 16 3:57 48:38 20.8 20:46 7:10 1:15:36
Duane Leach 53 2 18 3:50 49:33 20.5 20:07 6:57 1:16:05
Bryan King 41 5 28 4:16 52:35 19.3 21:44 7:30 1:22:22
Cindy Davis 36 2 7 3:56 55:08 18.4 23:45 8:12 1:25:40
Matt Hayes 42 8 49 5:19 55:47 18.2 26:30 9:09 1:32:16
Chris Hamm 35 5 52 4:37 1:02:00 16.4 21:54 7:34 1:33:29
Alex Rector 24 6 54 4:34 58:13 17.4 27:29 9:29 1:34:16
Jon Winchester 33 4 60 4:21 1:11:19 14.2 20:40 7:08 1:39:25
Jon-Micah Clanton 42 12 72 6:45 59:44 17.0 32:17 11:08 1:46:05
Chris Webb

Chris Webb

Duane Leach

Duane Leach

Cindy Davis

Cindy Davis

Chris Hamm

Chris Hamm

Winchester, Leach, King, Webb, Hamm, Davis

Winchester, Leach, King, Webb, Hamm, Davis

Jeff Yeager

Jeff Yeager










Jeff Yeager, Tommy Nettleton, Bob Boehm, Duane Leach, Jon Winchester

Jeff Yeager, Tommy Nettleton, Bob Boehm, Duane Leach, Jon Winchester

Jeff Yeager posted a 23.7 mph average on the 15 mile bike split of the Mach Tenn Triathlon on June 7, 2014. His run was sub seven minute pace even though a broken foot has kept him from running for several weeks prior to this. He placed 2nd in his age group and 17th overall.

Newcomer Jamie Barnett showed he has natural talent for the sport with his 21.7 mph average bike split.  And, he had the fastest run split in his group with a 6:13 pace on the 4-mile run. Jamie placed 5th among 36 in his age group and 33rd overall.

This Mach Tenn Triathlon has been around for 31 years and it often reunites old friends. Former Columbia resident Tommy Nettleton was there. He is still very fast and he placed 2nd Masters with a time of 1:20:50.

Bob Boehm returned from Florida to continue his 21 year streak with this triathlon. Boehm and Duane Leach exited T1 together and then challenged each other on the bike portion, each one passing the other about five times. Boehm’s results are missing from the posted results for some unknown reason.

This Tri consisted of a .6-mile swim, 15-mile bike and 4-mile run.  There were 316 finishers.

Jeff Yeager 48 17 18:11 37:55 23.7 27:14 6:49 1:25:06
Age Group Rank 9 2 2 2/25
Jamie Barnett 41 33 19:01 41:32 21.7 24:50 6:13 1:28:43
Age Group Rank 19 6 1 5/36
Duane Leach 53 53 18:36 41:43 21.6 28:52 7:13 1:31:54
Age Group Rank 15 4 5 4/30
Jon Winchester 33 112 21:29 46:08 19.5 28:45 7:12 1:39:30
Age Group Rank 15 11 3 7/19
Cody West 28 153 21:38 46:53 19.2 32:06 8:02 1:44:39
Age Group Rank 6 6 6 6/6



Four members of the Columbia Cycling Club raced in the Waverly Lions Paul Haase Memorial Biathlon on May 24, 2014. The event consists of a 5k run followed by a 16-mile road bike. It was a small race and all four came home with a trophy.

Duane Leach was in 4th place following his 21:58 5k run. The lead runner had a significant lead with his 19:00 5k but he dropped out after the run. Leach chased down the remaining two on the bike, clocking an speed of 26.9 mph according to the 3.5 mile Strava segment, and taking over the lead at about mile 5. Accompanied by a police escort with full lights flashing, Leach held onto the lead and achieved his first ever overall win.

Newbie, Michelle Maquiling, in her first-ever duathlon, led the females after the run. Sherrie Giles admitted to a sluggish 5k (26:10) but made a comeback with a strong 19.05 mph average on the bike. Giles passed Maquiling at mile 10 to assume the overall female spot. Maquiling placed 2nd among females (1st in her age group). Giles has been specializing in duathlons lately. She qualified and is taking the trip to Nationals this July in Minnesota. However, like Leach, this was her first time to have an overall win in a multi-sport race.

Name Time Age Pl Age Group O’all Pl
Duane Leach 1:06:17 1 M50-59 1
Richard Kalmanek 1:13:52 2 M60-69 6
Sherrie Giles 1:17:55 1 F50-59 13
Michelle Maquiling 1:18:52 1 F40-49 14
Leach, Maquiling, Kalmanek with trophies

Leach, Maquiling, Kalmanek with trophies

Cindy Davis & Michelle Maquiling

Cindy Davis & Michelle Maquiling

Cindy Davis topped her age group at the ADPi-Athlon, and Michelle Maquiling placed second in her first-ever triathlon.  Michelle decided she wanted to do a triathlon and Cindy Davis helped direct her to the first available triathlon of the season on April 6 in Murfreesboro.  Conducted by the Alpha Delta Phi sorority at MTSU before school lets out, this Tri can be a cold one in the early morning.

Michelle had a jacket on but her fingers were cold in her fingerless gloves and it made the second transition difficult.  Nonetheless she had an excellent race with a first place ranking in the swim and run in her age group.

Cindy placed a whopping five minutes ahead of second place finisher, Mary Strickland, a native Columbia resident now living in the Nashville or Murfreesboro area.  Cindy was 7th out of 112 females.

Former Columbia man, Tommy Nettleton placed 1st Masters and 4th out of 156 men with a time of 56:53.  Full Results

Name Age AgePl Time Swim Bike Bike Run Run
300 Mtr 10-Miles MPH 3.1 Mi. Pace
Cindy Davis 33 1 1:07:53 7:41 35:04 18.8 25:07 8:06
Age Group Rank 2 1 1 .
Michelle Maquiling 40 2 1:16:14 8:36 41:30 15.9 26:07 8:25
 Rank 1 2 1

Maquiling finish Maquiling with girlsMaquiling bike


Xterra Worlds Report

In May 2013, Duane Leach competed in the Xterra Southeast Championship Triathlon in Birmingham and achieved a second place finish that qualified him for the Xterra World Championship Triathlon in Hawaii.

Duane accepted the invitation to compete in the World event that took place in Maui on October 24, 2013.  He commented, “The muddy course at Birmingham seemed to work some luck in my qualifying for Worlds, and so I did not think I was worthy to compete against the best in the world.  At first I was afraid that I might come in last in my age group.  However I did some studying of the prior year results, and I cross referenced it against last year’s winner in my age group.  Considering that I had generally raced 30% slower than last year’s winner in other races, I calculated that I might be able to place about 35th out of 50 (top 70%) in my 50-54 age group.”

The race course for the World event consisted of 1-mile ocean swim, a 20-mile off-road bike with 3700 feet of uphill climbing, and a 6.1-mile trail run with 1500 feet of uphill.  Total racers numbered 678 from 35 countries and 45 states.

Here is Duane’s description of the World’s race:

Swim start

60 Pro’s started 2 minutes ahead. Looks like white waves.

For the swim, the waves were not big.  We swam out 500 meters to a buoy, and then returned to shore to run around some flags, and then we swam out 250 meters to another buoy and back.  Once we cleared the waves, the ocean swim was fairly routine, somewhat crowded, but there was plenty of room to move away from the people that I would occasionally bump.  The water was warm and clear. It felt like I was swimming against a current going out, but the current was with me coming back in.

Swim exit Swim smileI ran about 200 yards to arrive at my bike in the transition area.  There I quickly put on my bike shoes, gloves, helmet, glasses, and water backpack and exited the transition area.  The uphill climbing began right away and I came into a long line of bikers slowly cranking in the easiest gear.  So I got in line and climbed along with them.  For five miles we climbed 1300 feet at some very steep angles.  I had practiced on hills at home, but these were much worse.  It took 40 minutes to get to the first peak and my legs were very fatigued.  And the temperature was well in the 80’s.  We had two miles of downhill that went by quickly and then we commenced to climbing a 500 foot hill that was even steeper than the first.  There were times when everyone dismounted to push the bike.  This took 15 minutes and I averaged 3.7 mph.

When I reached the highest point in the course, it was time to take the big 3-mile downhill that dropped 1300 feet to the lowest point on the course.  I flew down the Jeep road at breakneck speed passing several racers.   But the fun ended at the bottom because the climbing resumed.  There were 8.5-miles to go, starting with a 700 foot climb.  It was as if the course designers looked for the hardest ways to send us.  Each downhill was followed by a killer uphill.  We went through sand pits from when this portion was previously a golf course.  There were spots that were impossible to ride.

Bike finish

Finished with bike and returning transition spot

When I reached the end of the bike segment, my legs were overtaxed and on the edge of cramping even though I had taken eight sodium capsules and eight magnesium capsules to try to offset.  I took my bike back to my spot in transition, stripping off the shoes, water pack, etc. and put on my running shoes and visor.  Off I ran with another wave to Renee.

The first three miles of the run course were the same as the bike course, straight up.  I could only run for a short period and then walk.  The legs were just not cooperating and I was feeling rough too.  It took 14 minutes to complete the first mile.  I was doing a little better in the second mile and completed it in 11 minutes.  At the 2-mile water stop I took a gel pack of nutrition, the remainder of my sodium and magnesium capsules, a cup of Gatorade, and I poured a cup of ice water on my head.  Almost at the top of mile three, I had one more sharp incline to make and my legs could not do it without going into full cramps.  Stuck there, standing, I tried turning around and going backwards up the incline.  It worked!  This third mile took me 14 minutes.

Reaching the peak, my legs began recovering on the downhill and I was going faster.  After a few minutes I tried running faster, but this triggered the cramps and I had to stop and walk it out.  Restarting I was now aware of how fast I could run.  My fourth, fifth and sixth miles were each around 10 minutes.  Fortunately I did not notice anyone in my age group passing me during the run.  Our age was written on our calves with temporary tattoos.

Run shuteI reached the finish line in 4:29:42.  The finish results card said that I placed 31st out of 67 in my age group (46%).  This put me in the top half and I was smiling and dancing.  Renee posted this on Facebook within minutes and there were lots of kudos.  However, later results on the Internet showed only 54 racers in my group (57%).  This probably means there were 13 who signed up but did not show up to race.

Finish lineHere are the details of finish results with rankings for each segment among all 678 racers:



1-mi. Swim



Trans. 1


20-mi. Bike



Trans. 2


6.1-mi. Run






Happy with the results card indicating a top half finish

Happy with the results card indicating a top half finish